P13: Instituto di Chimica del Ricinoscimento Moleculare (ICRM), Italy

Instituto di Chimica del Ricinoscimento Moleculare, IT

The Institute of Molecular Recognition (ICRM), based in Milan, is one of the several research institutes of Italian National Research Council (CNR). ICRM employs 75 scientists and technicians. The Institute has been actively involved in research activities in Biomolecules (natural bioactive substances & synthesis of compounds of biological interest); Chemical biotechnologies (bioconversions & analytical methodologies); Mechanisms of bioregulation (molecular basis of biological regulation & experimental & theoretical studies of molecular recognition). 

ICRM has an internationally recognized expertise in miniaturized analytical systems and in the field of polymeric coatings for microchip electrophoresis and microarrays.

The laboratory is well equipped to synthesize and characterize polymers. IR, circular dicroism, viscometer, spectrophotometer, analysis of contact angle and different chromatographic systems are some of the techniques available. ICRM has the expertise to address the problem of surface modification trough polymer coating on a large range of materials from glass, silicon oxide, polydimethylsiloxane, polyethylene and similar materials. The group is equipped with a complete microarray platform: piezoelectric spotter, microfluidics set up for semi-automated microarray tests and two laser scanners.


  • Synthesis, characterization and optimization of various nanoparticles used for detection of biomarkers (QD, AuNP, IrO2 NPs).
  • Development of novel Lab-on-a-chip platforms for electrochemical detection of Alzheimer biomarker (ApoE protein).
  • Development of new optical platform based on microarray for Alzheimer biomarker detection (ApoE protein).
  • Development of magnetic bead-based assays for electrocatalytic detection of Alzheimer biomarker (ApoE and -amyloid proteins) using AuNPs and Ir IrO2 NPs tags.


31 OCTOBER 2020