P12: Ita-Suomen Yliopisto (UEF), Finland

Itä-suomen Yliopisto

The Department of Neurology at UEF is a research centre with experience in basic and clinical neurosciences. Researchers and staff are totalling 60. Higher cerebral functions in aging and dementia have been a focus of research for over 20 years. At the moment, the topics of research are pathogenesis, risk factors, molecular genetics, functional genomics, biomarkers, neuroimaging, neuroanatomy and pharmacology of Alzheimer's disease. The centre has extensive population-based cohorts for studying prevalence and risk factors of dementia and memory disorders. Moreover, follow-up series of dementia patients enable various approaches of clinical research. The centre has a brain bank and a biobank including large number of blood and CSF samples from clinically well-characterised and genotyped study subjects.  

The Neurochemistry Laboratory at UEF offers nationwide diagnostic services in neurodegenerative diseases.  We use various state-of-art proteomics techniques including 2D-electrophoresis, mass spectrometry and various ELISA and Western blotting. 

The focus is in the basic mechanisms of AD approached by genetic studies, acquired and life style risk factors, neuroimaging and CSF markers as tools for diagnostics and surrogate markers of evaluation of effects of therapy. 

The biobank includes 2000+ blood samples from patients with different neurodegenerative diseases and controls including AD cases at different stages of the disease.  All these subjects are clinically well-characterized as well as genotyped for apoE and various other known risk genes for AD. We have also blood and CSF samples from appr 120 individuals who have had a detailed neuropathological examination, and thus UEF is able to validate the presumed markers in autopsy-confirmed cases.