P10: Moravian-Biotechnology Spol. S r. o. (MB), CZ

Moravian - Biotechnology Ltd

MB is an SME founded in 1996 as a 100% private Czech company, to develop the monoclonal antibodies and polyclonal sera as a custom service as well as to produce the antibodies of their own interest.

MB research activities and research interests includes tumour biology and pathology fields.

Four people are working in the Cell Culture Laboratory located in Brno. They will be involved in the development of monoclonal antibodies and polyclonal sera, development of ELISA tests, large-scale antibodies production including purification of Ig and their labelling with different labels.

MB has available a panel of their own monoclonal antibodies and polyclonal sera against different non-modified and post-translationally modified forms of proteins (p53, Hsp70, SEP70, SEP53, AG3, PCNA, Cyclin D1 etc.).

The animal housing and handling is contracted at the facilities of Veterinary Research Institute in Brno to fulfil the all-applicable regulations.

Complete cell biology equipment and equipment for immunochemistry and immunohistochemistry, available animal house, ELISA technology.


  • Moravian-Biotechnology developed and characterized monoclonal antibodies and polyclonal sera for NADINE consortium.
  • Moravian-Biotechnology developed method for an affinity purification of both A 1-42 and A 2-42 peptide isoforms.
  • The Moravian-Biotechnology developer established ELISA test for detection of ApoE3 protein, using newly developed monoclonal antibodies and polyclonal sera.
  • Moravian-Biotechnology established a method for preparation of Fab fragment of mouse monoclonal antibodies for better downstream applications involving either diagnostic kits or analytical techniques based on MALDI-TOF.