P08: DiagnoSwiss S.A.(DS), Swtizerland


DS is an SME specialised in the development and commercialisation of micro fluidic platforms for electrochemical detection.

DiagnoSwiss’ chips use microstructures as a reactor for all step-limiting reactions to obtain a rapid and sensitive detection of proteins in different matrices.

DiagnoSwiss combines proprietary micro fluidic sensors with magnetic nanoparticles and automation into a broad biosensor platform for fast biochemical analysis.

DS provides R&D laboratories dedicated to protein analysis. The infrastructure comprises immunoassay system, microplate readers, lyophilisator, automated pipetting system and electrochemical workstations. With offices in an education centre for chemical technicians, DS also has direct access to HPLC and GC instrumentation as well as to synthesis and conventional microscopy tools.

DS research activities are focused on the development of analytical tools and methods for protein analysis. In particular, electrospray devices derived from its microchip technologies and protein fractionation methods and apparatuses have been developed for proteomic approaches.

Current research includes immunoassays in electrochemical microchips combining magnetic nanoparticles and automation. Beside the design & fabrication of novel polymer microchips with integrated electrodes, DS thus concentrates its R&D efforts on the development of new electrochemical detection methods, of innovative immunoassay analysers and on the adaptation and optimisation of bead-based assays in microchips with electrochemical detection.