P04: Ustav Makromolekularni Chemie AV CR, v.v.i (MACRO), Chech Republic



Established in 1962 Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry of the Academy of Sciences pursues basic, target-oriented, and applied research in chemistry and physics in polymers.

The Institute has a total staff 250 people and the research is conducted at 10 scientific departments. The Group of Polymer Particles, which belongs to the Department of Bioanalogous and Special Polymers, is involved in synthesis, characterisation, functionalisation and bioapplication of magnetic polymer nano- and microspheres based on synthetic and natural polymers. Recently, monodisperse particles were developed with controlled size, porosity, swelling behaviour and magnetic properties.

The Institute is a member of European Centre for Nanostructured Polymers.

The Institute is well equipped with devices for polymerization and particle size classification:

determination of particle size distribution by light scattering (both static and dynamic) and conductivity, optical, scanning and transmission electron microscopy,

FT-IR and NMR spectroscopy in liquid and solid phase for characterization of molecular structure and elemental microanalysis, atomic absorption spectrometry and chromatographic methods.

The Institute also possesses a multi mode AFM microscope Nanoscope IIIa. The dynamic light scattering will be measured on Nano-zetasizer (Malvern, UK) and homemade goniometer equipped with ALV5000 autocorrelator.


31 OCTOBER 2020