P09: Fluigent S.A. (FG), France


FG, a spinoff of CI and CNRS, owns a portfolio of patents or pending patents in flow control, microfluidic devices, polymers, colloids and analytical methods. FG is an SME located in “Paris-Biotech” incubator. It was awarded the 2005 Innovative Technology Enterprises from the French Innovation Agency OSEO/ANVAR.

FG’s business is to develop, manufacture and commercialize instruments and OEM products for micro- and nanofluidics, bioanalytical applications and diagnosis.

FG has the vocation to develop and commercialize devices dedicated to diagnostics based on its microfluidic technologies and analytical tools. FG customers include academic and industrial research laboratories in physics, chemistry, biology, and clinical diagnostic centres in Europe, USA and Japan. We also offer OEM products for the pharmaceutical and diagnosis industry. 

FG´s facilities comprise microfluidic control systems, microscopy, fluorimeter, genetic analyzers, thermocyclers, polymer formulation and characterization instrumentation.

FG research activities are mainly focused on the development of integrated systems for biomedical applications such as pathogen identification or rare circulating cells capture and identification. These projects lead to the development of new strategies for biological samples preparation in microfluidics and new polymers for microchip surface treatment.

FG is involved in the development of an integrated bio-analytical system for a major company including pre-treatments steps for NA and proteins.


30 NOVEMBER 2020